Rental Payments & Policies


Forms of Payment:  Long & Foster Real Estate accepts money orders and also personal checks, provided they are received thirty (30) days prior to your check-in date.  We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Debit Cards and Cash.

Payment Schedule: An initial payment of 50% of the rental amount plus any applicable fees and insurance premiums is due upon booking if paying by credit card or within 7 days if paying by any other acceptable form of payment.  All balances are due thirty (30) days prior to occupancy regardless of payment method.  Reservations booked less than thirty (30) days prior to check-in must be paid in full within seven (7) days.  We cannot accept personal checks for any payment due less than thirty (30) days prior to check-in.  NO MONIES WILL BE ACCEPTED AT CHECK-IN.

Processing Fee:  A $55 non-refundable processing fee is required on all leases.

Incidental Charges:  Tenants are responsible for all incidental charges such as unauthorized long distance telephone or internet charges, excess water and sewer charges (full season rentals only), returned check fees and any costs not covered by the required Security Deposit Waiver.  Incidental charges may be paid by credit card or check.

Security Deposit Waiver (SDW): A minimum $45 non-refundable Security Deposit Waiver premium is required on all vacation rental leases (not including full season rentals) in lieu of a security deposit.  This coverage provides up to $1500 in protection against accidental damage to your rental unit and is issued by Red Sky Insurance Company.

No Refunds or Rebates of Rent will be given on any lease in the event of an earthquake, hurricane, flood, natural disaster or other act of God or in the event of an act of war, terrorist act, civil unrest or any other circumstance deemed beyond the control of an owner or the agency.   For your protection, Long & Foster offers an optional Trip Preserver Plan issued by Red Sky Insurance Company which may be purchased at the time of booking a reservation.  The cost of such coverage is 7% of the value of the lease which includes the entire rental amount plus all non-refundable fees.

Sight-Unseen Rentals:  The rental properties we represent are privately owned and maintained and, therefore, reflect the taste of each individual owner.  We strongly urge that prospective tenants personally visit a property before entering into a legally binding commitment to rent it.  Prospective tenants who elect to waive a personal inspection of a rental property prior to renting it agree to accept the property in “as is” condition and waive any and all claims regarding condition or alleged deficiencies of the property.  The Agency and its agents make no warranty as to the condition or description of properties we represent and no refunds of rent or fees will be given.

Check-in time is 1 PM and check-out time is 10 AM unless specified otherwise in your lease.  Any deviation from this schedule must be approved in writing by the owner.  If you expect to arrive after office hours, please call our office to make arrangements for a late check-in.  Check-ins will only be permitted if the Tenant is paid in full.

Tenant  Responsibilities:  All rental properties are equipped and furnished to the owner’s taste  and set up for light housekeeping.  Mattress pads, pillows, blankets, and bedspreads are provided.  Tenants must provide paper goods, cleaning products, bed linens, bath and beach towels, and beach tags unless specifically listed in the list of amenities provided and made a part of the lease for each property.

Tenants are required to leave properties “cleaning ready” upon departure in accordance with a written list of tasks provided to each tenant at check-in.  Failure to leave a property “cleaning ready” may result in an additional charge to the Tenant.

Tenants are expected to depart rented properties in a timely manner in accordance with the check-out time indicated in the lease agreement and to leave a property in good order and to replace or pay for repair of all missing items, breakage or damage to the property or furnishings.  Tenants are responsible to pay for damages that exceed the limits of or are not covered by the required Security Deposit Waiver.

Tenants are responsible for observing all local rules and regulations regarding trash and recycling.  While these rules and regulations vary, tenants are provided with information regarding trash and recycling pick-up and handling at check-in and are expected to comply with them.  Any fines for failure to comply or costs of private hauling to remove trash and recycling from rented properties as a result of negligence or non-compliance are the responsibility of the Tenant.

Owner Responsibilities:  Owners are required to comply with all local rental licensing and fire inspection ordinances and are required to display both evidence of a current rental registration and occupancy placard in their rental property.

Owners are also required to provide all of the amenities, including bedding conforming to the sizes listed in the amenities section of the rental contract.

Occupancy limits for all rental properties are established by local municipalities in accordance with their individual rental ordinances.  The occupancy limit for every rental property appears in every lease and on a placard required to be displayed in each rental unit.  These occupancy limits are strictly enforced.

Maintenance and repairs:  Rental properties are owned and maintained by individual owners who make every effort to keep appliances and mechanical systems in good working order.  In the event of a breakdown or malfunction of an appliance or mechanical system, tenants are asked to contact the Agency’s Guest Services Department to report a problem.  The Agency will make every reasonable effort to effect repairs or replacement as deemed necessary, but cannot guarantee repair or replacement due to the occasional unavailability of service personnel or parts.  Replacements are not provided and there are no rebates or discounts of rent as a result of breakdowns or malfunctions.

Subletting and Visitation:  No subletting of any rented premises is permitted.  Tenants agree to allow visitation of rented properties by prospective purchasers or renters. Long and Foster Real Estate will provide advance notice of such visitations whenever possible and all visitations will be scheduled at reasonable hours.

Pets are not permitted in any rental property without the prior express written consent of the property owner.  Additional fees or deposits may apply if permission to include a pet as part of a lease agreement is granted by an owner.

Non-Smoking requirement:  Many rental property owners prohibit smoking in or around their rental unit.  Tenants are expected to respect the owners wishes and refrain from smoking in a smoking restricted premises. If evidence of smoking is detected in a property designated as non-smoking, the cost of an entire house cleaning and an additional $250 deodorizing fee will be charged to the tenant.

Weddings, Receptions and Large Parties are not permitted in any property rented by Long & Foster Real Estate Agency.

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